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A story I wrote for the Fremont Tribune honoring a Hero, a survivor of the Pueblo Spy Ship. Read it here: My Pueblo Hero Story
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ASA ANTHEM! - A Tribute to the Members of the ARMY SECURITY AGENCY
Listen to a Sample, Download and Enjoy here: Keep The Faith! ( A phrase promoted by the late ASA Col. J.J. McFadden)
Actual song is four verses with choruses, running over 6 minutes long, with a bit of MORSE CODE (CW) in the background for you code takers to copy ....
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The Ballad of the ASA
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New Video for 301st ASA Battalion in Korea - Second edition as of July 3, '14 - 146 additional pictures HERE
ASAONLINE the original MEGA ASA Website designed by "Maddog", a charter member of the NASAA
Enter the archives - however, please remember this website is "as is" ---
yes, there are broken links, missing graphics, and some webmasters referenced (including "Maddog Mike") are now deceased.
Enjoy, use for reference, just DON'T notify me of errors.
Right now the database is still my top priority. ASAONLINE is for your reference, archival, and remembrances only.

Army Security Agency Veterans
FREE Locator Database

ASA LIVES! (TM) is a privately constructed, and closed database available
ONLY to former members of the ARMY SECURITY AGENCY 1945-1976

You must have the "need to know" to access. This is a "me, myself and I" proposition.
The SOLE PURPOSE of this website is devoted to REUNITING OLD LIVING FRIENDS
in the active years 1945-1976
+ (more or less)

If you see anything needing correcting let me know.

If you don't see your listing AT ALL, please Fill Out a Registration Form Again. Thanks!
Other affairs in my life take preference. Retired and widowed, priorties in my life have changed.
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Just reinput it correctly and I'll insert the corrected one.

Prd-1 Rotating Antenna
Prd-1 Jeep Bottom

The ORIGINAL "Survivors"
Pictures of our PRD-1 Team in Vietnam
& the Following
TEN Reunions!


PRD-1 Hall of Fame
Updated January 5, 2014
If your name is missing let me know

ASA Book Club
5 New Entries 2/11/2014



ASA Challenge Coin

ASA HAM Operators
Updated Jan. 12, 2014

In Memory

ASA Chat/Talk Sites

My Vietnam Oral History
Texas Tech Vietnam History

Beller's Fellars
-The Book
Free Download
All the letters I sent home to
my folks while in Vietnam.

509th RR Group
Orientation Brochure

ASA Obituaries
Post an obit of your ASA friend

Christmas In Vietnam

My Jeep Story

ASA Recruitment (pdf)

Ft. Devens

Ft. Ord

Vint Hill Farms
All Courtesy of Alan Hemenway

Now in one piece
YouTube silenced the original music backgrounds but video is all there

Frank Ford's EXCELLENT
Adventures (Vietnam)

Crazy Cats Cam Rahn Bay

Phu Bai 8thRRFS
8 mm movies
from Steve Morgan

Posted on You Tube

Trick One
Chitose Animal Movie

Posted on You Tube by Dennis Mosley

New Book!
Free Download - DOC file
7th Rock and Roll Freak Show

by Richard "Buck" Buchanan

One Coin, 4 Pins, I Patch,
1 Vinyl Sticker

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Some ASA Insignia, and ASA Unit Merchandise is Available For Purchase,
(great for those shadow-box displays you are working on ...)

Your Support is Greatly Appreciated!!
Latest updates uploaded today. There seems to be some corruption that I have no idea where it came from or when. I know there are many duplicate entries, but just ignore. More info is better than not enough.
If you see your data missing, or corrupted, either email me or refill out a new form, and I'll put it on my current TO DO list!  - Thanks! I'll keep at it as long as I can! - Vern   ASA LIVES!
( I still have PRD-1 updates and HAM updates to work on, please bear with me)

If you forgot the password scheme and just need a refresher, just fill out an abbreviated Registration Form.
Must have, Name, ASA MOS, one ASA Duty Station or ASA School.
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--- Ft. Devens USASATC&S Shoulder / Cap Brass ---
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Mesothelioma Lawyer Center
Check the link above if you think you have a concern with this. Thanks!


Wine Barrel Shadow Box
Made from a reclaimed Calif. wine barrel and oak flavor sticks used to add additional oak flavor to the wines.
Order turn-around is typically 6-8 weeks. Price: $450, Optional flag display as shown.
S&H and taxes are
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Made by Lewis Shanks, ASA 7
th RRU 2/64-2/66


Vigilant Always
"VIGILANT ALWAYS" - Hat Pin - Lapel Pins - New - Double Clutch Back
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Hat Pin - Lapel Pin
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"Ballad of the ASA"
Drunken Soldiers, Always High
Dropouts from old Sigma Phi
Men who bullshit all the way,
These are the men from the ASA
Plastic cans upon our ears,

We've been cleared and
we're not Queers

One Hundred Men will test today,
But only three make the ASA
Trained to go from bar to bar,
That's the life thats best by far
Men who drink will seldom fight,

And the ASA drinks through
the night

On a Mid, a Trick Chief waits,
Four of his men are coming late
Men who drink among the best
Another drink, their last request

A teal blue scarf 'round
my son's neck

Makes my son a nervous wreck
One hundred men re-upped today,
But not a one from the ASA
Black is for the night we fear,
Blue the water we don't go near.
Yellow is the reason why.
Red is for the blood we've shed.
As you see, there is no red!
One hundred men reupped today.
Not a one for the A-S-A!

"VIETNAM-ASA" Window stickers. For those who served with ASA and/or a "Radio Research Group" in Vietnam. Also a patch/sticker for those who graduated from Ft. Devens. We are offering shirts with these various patch/stickers. Feel free to view our collection at

ASA Vietnam Sticker

Notice: ASA Vets that were stationed at the 7th RRFS or Ramasun Station in Thailand
are urged to contact Steve at:
A group of us have put together a file that covers our service from 1967 through 1974.
Wood ASA Emblem Laser-Cut, Baltic Birch
ASA Emblem

12 Inches In Diameter
1/2 Inch Thick
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Davis Station Patch

Davis Station Embroidered Patch $6.75 postage paid
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TASA Vietnam Bumper Sticker Available on my Drop Ship Store.
ASA Vietnam
ASA Vietnam Bumper Sticker
$4.50 from ... not from me
Click link above to order
Cruise Flyer Info
ASA Members Cruise Line Appreciation! - Click image or link for more info
Augsburg Coin
Field Station Augsburg Challenge Coin
available at their website:
FSA Challenge Coin
$15 Check or Pay Pal accepted


LED Acrylic edge light with ASA EMBLEM
with Custom Wording

E-MAIL orders and info to:
Order Turn - around is typically 2 - 4 business days for 8 x 10,
and 10 x 12 LEDS with a clear bases.
All other sizes orders are considered to be a special order.
Accessories and other options are available please e-mail me your questions.

A clear base 8 in x 10 in. price is $65.00 and for the deluxe black base it's $80.00.
Larger 10x12 unit would be an additional $15.00.

Shipping, Handling and taxes are not included.
Handling is only charged on special or urgent orders. web and facebook
Interested in various ASA Unit Emblazoned Wear or Ware?
Check It Out!
and follow the links

Your support is greatly appreciated!
About the ASA Patch
Approved 15 June 1962
Teal blue within a 1/8 inch yellow border, a shield 2 inches wide and 3 inches in depth,and issuant from the viewer's upper left the leg of an eagle in black with yellow talons grasping two crossed white lightning flashes issuant from upper right points to base.
The flashes across the blue field suggest world-wide electrical communications. The eagle's claw grasping the flashes alludes to the Agency's general mission, that of insuring the smooth functioning of the Army's communication facilities.
ASA Marching Song
ASA is always, all the way
While in the States and far abroad
Guarding, guarding our country's freedom,
Were the men that get the job all done.

The vigilant sentry never ever sleeps,
He's always right there on the job,
The hidden enemy, always lurking,
He will not escape the vigilant sentry's eye

So as we're marching proudly down the way,
We fly our standards high.
The proud men of our unit also hold their heads up high.

So here we go we're always all the way
Soldiers first and second to none
We're marching, guarding, fighting.
For our Country. --

From a Banner Hung at
Arlington Hall Station

Thanks to Robert Dowdall - his other claim to fame -

Coined for use with the ASA Salute
at the time Lt. Col. Louis Millett
was School commander in the '60's
He also helped with the design of TTC.








Got Your Shadow Box Made Up Yet?
ASA Patches, Pins, and The Coin available
from me, the rest ... you are on your own!

(No, sorry I don't carry the shadow boxes shown)

Herzo Base Gate Pin
Herzo Base Hat - Lapel Pin

Pin is gold with white inset and black lettering.
About 1 inch tall w/two pins and rubber clasps

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